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 Atlantis and the Minoans

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PostSubject: Re: Atlantis and the Minoans   Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:52 am

For those of you interested in the Theory of Atlantis should also read up about the Minoan civilization as many feel that the Minoan discovery of recent years and Atlantis is one in the same. There are many similarities in these two civilizations. I should mention that there are other ancient cities that many feel could be the lost Atlantis such as Troy. You should also look into Edgar Casey who was a twentieth century seer known also as the sleeping prophet. He foretold of the discovery of Atlantis but maybe even more interesting is an accounting of records of Atlantis stored in one of the paws of the Sphinx located in Egypt. I should mention that Egypt is not interested in excavating at this location. Ground penetrating radar has reveled a chamber in the paw and that is all we know at this time.
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Atlantis and the Minoans
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